SmartPropoPlus with Realtek Chipsets


Before we begin I must admit that can't offer you the
universal solution for all your smart propo plus problems.
This howto only shows the way how I got it working with
the Realtek sound chip in my Amilo li1718 laptop.

No guaranty on anything, okay ?

First make sure that smartpropoplus, ppjoy and your sound card/chip driver are installed
correctly an that your transmitter is connected to your line in/mic input.
This is importend because otherwise the Realtek software
will leave the line in/mic channel muted.

Then double-click the tray icon of the Realtek mixer software.

Now you should see a window that looks very much like this one :

Click the mixer tab.

Now you can change the settings for the Realtek HD Audio Input.
You have to mute every channel except for the line in/mic channel of course.

Open smart propo plus select your transmitter type and uncheck
the 'Enable Audio selection' box.

That's all so far.
If you have ppjoy configured you should be able to calibrate your virtual joystick.
But that's beyond the scope of this howto and is explained very well on the smart propo plus website.

Have fun an feel free to inform me about my typing mistakes.

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